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Feel at home in your body.
Holistic Therapy for Individuals

I am so glad you are here

I founded Homebody with the belief that deep healing & true wholeness is greatly impacted by the relationship to our own body. You may feel disconnected with an inability to gain traction on finding the lost parts of yourself that existed before. The parts that were free, and happy, and whole. Other’s may have never felt that way in their own body – but have hope that you can feel that way one day.


Trauma disconnects our soul, heart, and mind from our first safe place - our own body. Often times our homes weren’t safe, and never felt safe. Maybe it wasn’t home but it was a person or a season in your life that left you feeling broken. More often than not we internalize that unsafe and broken feeling within our own being and body.


This is where our works begins – reconnecting and coming back to what once was – a safe place within yourself. Your home and your body is designed to be a place where you can heal, rest, grow, and play.


My deepest calling is to guide, support, and teach individuals how to navigate their way back home to their body. Homebody represents the journey of being far from oneself and finding your way back, whole and healed. I’d love to be apart of your journey.



My name is Dallas

If you are looking for a therapist to cry with, laugh with, validate you, and help you navigate your way in this messy world - I am the perfect therapist for you.

I am deeply grounded in the belief that my gifting as a therapist is to know, see, hear, and guide my clients so that they may begin or continue to heal their deepest wounds during our time together. We will laugh, cry, and deeply understand you together.

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Verbal Processing

1 hour sessions one on one tailored directly to where you are at in your healing journey.


Somatic Processing

My belief is that our bodies store the emotions that we do not feel safe to fully feel. Incorporating movement into your healing journey can be incredibly helpful in releasing stored emotions.


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

EMDR has shown to be one of the most effective ways to processing "stuck" traumas. Click below to learn more.

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146 2nd St N Suite 310-A, St.Petersburg, FL 33701

+1 (727) 594-7324

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